The Letskate® and Letspowerskate® programs were designed by Tammy Keogh, owner and founder. Tammy’s passion for skating and expertise are the driving force behind her renowned methods. Modern teaching techniques along with interesting teaching aids are applied. Our success is largely due to the fact that skills/levels are taught in proper sequence.

Our vision is to bring a positive skill building athletic experience to your students. By introducing skating lessons in learning atmosphere that will challenge students to do their best, inspire them to love skating and develop lasting skills they will share with friends and family.

What sets us apart ?

•  low instructor/student ratio 1:6 – 1:9
•  year round skating lessons
•  creative teaching techniques that develop rapid tangible results.
•  professional instructors with a keen ability to motivate skaters with the Letskate® program.

Customized solutions to meet your school and student’s needs.

Full Program

Full program: 8-12 weeks
• 1:6 – 1:8 instructor to student ratio;
• 45 minute session;
• Availability is based on your schools schedule;
• Location: closest available rink to your school;
• An individual progress report and ribbon awarded to each skater for programs 8 weeks or more.


Condensed: 3-4 weeks
• 1:6 – 1:8 instructor to student ratio;
• 45 minute session;
• Availability is based on your schools schedule;
• Location: closest available rink to your school



Many schools offer special ‘Skate Days’ where children are taken to local rinks for a skating session. This gives the children an opportunity to get out with their peers, and enjoy some time on the ice.

Performance Skating Schools Team can join you on your Skate Day and provide: Additional hands to tie skate laces, additional adult supervision on the ice, one organized age-appropriate lesson activity.

We have a limited number of Workshop sessions available each season, so contact us right away to reserve your date.


Level 1 – 6 + advanced

  • Basic to advanced skills including figure skating are taught.  This technical program teaches proper progression of skills to develop tangible rapid results.
  • Skaters are grouped in a 1:5 – 1:9 ratio and instructed by a professional qualified caring coach.
  • The Letskate® program is so successful due to the fact that the program was designed with a method of progression in mind.  Skills are introduced in stages, the purpose of each stage is to develop the skill so it becomes automated.
  • Self-confidence within the skater, the method continues by building the next appropriate skill that challenges the skater to next next level and so on.
  • A very successful coach recognizes when to challenge a skater to new skills while continuing to inspire their spirit and promote skill development.


Level 1 – 5

  • Intermediate to advanced powerskating skills for the young hockey enthusiast are taught.
  • In order to become a great player, you must be a skillful skater.
  • Skaters are evaluated on their level of performance and placed in the appropriate challenging level.
  • All skaters must have passed level 3 Letskate® prior to starting Level 1 powerskating. Power, foot speed and agility is our teaching focus.